Turning Disabled To Enabled

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Eagles Wings Consultancy is transforming the way companies and organisations view disabilities. With our expertise in disability awareness, confidence, and compliance, we are helping businesses create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our focus is on improving communication between companies, organisations, and those affected by disabilities, particularly those with neurological conditions or invisible disabilities.

By working with Eagles Wings Consultancy, companies and organisations will gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling them to overcome any obstacles in their pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Eagles Wings Consultancy is leading the way towards a brighter future, where disabilities are celebrated and embraced.

This image features John, Eagles Wings Consultancy Director, holding a stuffed eagle named Ernie

Disability inclusion shouldn’t be hard work

Disability inclusion shouldn’t be hard work! John and Ernie the Eagle do all the work for you. We can help embed a disability and inclusive culture in all types of organisations, big or small.

We have put together our disability champions training, and our informal and informative tea and talk sessions, to enable the discussion on disability inclusion to start in a safe and relaxed environment.

Why not arrange a cuppa and a chat with John and Ernie the eagle to find out more? Email john@eagleswingsconsultancy.co.uk today 🙂

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