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The decision to disclose a disability is a personal choice for individuals affected by a disability. Disclosure can often be beneficial within the workplace, as it allows employers to make reasonable adjustments to support the employee in their work.

If there are fixed processes, policies, or procedures in place, it can make the disclosure of a disability in the workplace a barrier. If employees feel that disclosing a disability could result in discrimination or negative consequences, they may be hesitant to disclose. Handling disability disclosure effectively enhances the relationship between employer and employee. This reduces the need for retraining or reposting staff.  

How we can help

Eagles Wings Consultancy can offer staff training to be disability aware and confident. We can assist in updating policies and the onboarding processes for people affected by disabilities. Having a culture of openness to discuss disability is a key factor in helping organisations maintain an inclusive workforce. It helps create a diverse workforce, staff loyalty and retention. 

Another service we offer is our disability disclosure letter. Our disclosure letter has been beneficial for many in disclosing their disability in many settings not just employment. Our social lives could involve sports and leisure activities where mentioning a disability may be relevant. We have more information on the disclosure letter in our ‘EWC Disability Disclosure Letter’ video – Videos – Eagles Wings Consultancy

Sunflower Lanyards

The Sunflower Lanyard Scheme aims to improve the experiences of people with hidden disabilities, chronic illnesses, or other conditions. The scheme involves wearing a lanyard or a pin with a sunflower logo on it. This signals to others that the wearer may require additional assistance, patience, or understanding. More information on the scheme is available on – https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/

“Use the method and way that you are comfortable with when disclosing your disability and seek support if you are not sure.”

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