Hidden Disabilities

More than 4.4 Million people with disabilities are in the workforce and many are unseen with hidden disabilities.

Engagement with people who have disabilities both visible and hidden disabilities may still have a lot of stigma around it. Starting with understanding what terminology to use and having a safe environment to ask sensitive questions.

An inclusive culture enables open conversation about disabilities encouraging those affected by disability to be able to disclose their disability. Not all disabilities are visible, many people mask their disabilities. Listening is important and understanding is important when they open up about their disabilities.

Eagles Wings Consultancy assists with our tea and talk sessions in a safe environment discussing disability in the workplace. We can also train disability champions to help maintain the disability aware culture in the organisation.

People with hidden disabilities will often adopt masking behaviour and hide their disabilities. This is often done subconsciously and having a supportive environment will help the person cope better.

The disability policy should be a living document that supports and adapts as people with disabilities join an organisation. Eagles Wings Consultancy can help with policy reviews.

Don’t let disability hide in the shadows. Contact us and we can help bring disability into the discussion, dispel myths and embed an inclusive mindset.

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