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Disability Consultant / Specialist

This image features John McDonald, Eagles Wings Consultancy Director, sporting a blue shirt and glasses.
Turning ‘disabled’ to ‘enabled’ is more than a statement. It’s a mindset that produces positive outcomes.

John has over 20 years of experience working within the healthcare sector. He represents disability inclusion across many platforms and forums. In 2016 John was diagnosed with bowel cancer and hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). He underwent treatment and following his recovery he wanted to work more flexibly, using his experience of brain injury to support others in a similar position.

John is now a strong advocate for disability inclusion. Working across many forums John bridges the gap by improving communication between companies and individuals with neurological or hidden disabilities.

John noticed that although many companies have policies and procedures in place improvements could always be made. For example, aids and adaptations do not always need to be physical. Supportive adaptations could involve taking breaks to minimise fatigue or using laminated cards to request space or quiet time. This strengthens working relationships and makes for a more engaging workforce.  

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Ernie the Eagle

Hi, I am Ernie the Eagle and it is great to be part of the team! Supporting John with all things disability and inclusion and giving my Eagle Eye Tips are what I enjoy.

I am a social eagle and am always happy to accept invitations for tea/coffee! I do also love having my photo taken so remember to snap a shot if you see me.

Two people sitting in front of a stuffed eagle, enjoying each other's company.
Two people standing holding a stuffed eagle, enjoying each other's company.

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