Difference between disability and other diversity characteristics

I have a brain injury which was is a result of having surgery that did not go to plan. The surgery has left me with some deficits. These are mainly fatigue and balance issues but with coping strategies in place, I lead a meaningful life both professionally and personally.

My disability would be classed as a hidden disability as it is not obvious to anyone unless I say.

So how does this differ from other characteristics when it comes to diversity?

One key difference between hidden disability / disability and other diversity characteristics is that disability is often perceived as a medical condition, while other diversity characteristics are seen as cultural or social identities. Often it’s a change in culture or a persons perception that needs to change to bring a change.

Disability support is often needed just to participate in society, before being able to tackle any cultural attitudes. Often people who are affected by disabilities will have more than one characteristic. That makes the challenge even more difficult.

Having someone who understands is a great support to people with disabilities. It enables open conversations and what issues need to be addressed.

Don’t be afraid to ask and find out how to support people with disabilities and any other diversity needs.

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